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Whether you’re in the C-suite or a team leader, our business intelligence and insights solutions that are built on world-class BI platforms will empower you and your teams like never before. We partner with you to transform your data into meaningful insights. As your BI partner, we will manage your analytical projects and take the complexity out of business intelligence for you.

Your data in one place

We integrate all your data in one place!

Security Made Simple

We build on world-class BI solutions, making your security simple.

Security Made Simple

Unearth valuable insights and save loads of time

Always on trend

Stay informed on the latest trends and updates in business analytics and AI

Always on trend

We integrate all your data in one place!

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Embed your critical metrics directly into your presentations, no more scrambling at end.

Our AI-driven Business Intelligence solutions

We’ve taken the hard-work out of BI by creating complete solutions with reports, dashboards and visualisations that are ready to be customised to your needs. Whatever your role or function, we have a solution that will enable to you access your data in one place, gather performance insights quicker than ever before and make data-driven decisions that move the dial.

Enterprise Analytics

A complete view of all business and operations data in one place. Enterprise data across the customer lifecycle.

Exec Analytics

The Exec BI solution helps C-suite and senior leadership get a quick overview of their business with key performance metrics in one place.

Marketing Analytics

A complete BI solution that provides you with a complete view of all your marketing channels and lead flow. Add any channel you want.

CSM Analytics

A complete view of customer success with AI insights into customer churn so you can retain the customers that you win and grow those accounts.

Sales/CRM Analytics

A complete view of your CRM without limitations. Report what you want, how you want and connect data across platforms. A one stop solution for sales and marketing teams.

ProspectPro [Beta]

A comprehensive B2B prospecting tool with actionable industry insights and data-driven profiling so you can win more work.

Complete end-to-end analytics solution

Data Strategy and Governance

We safeguard your data assets, maintain compliance, and foster trust through effective governance and a well-defined strategy.

Custom Business Analytics

From diverse data sources to unique business needs, our custom solutions deliver insights designed just for you so you can extract the full power of your data.

Predictive Analytics

Anticipate trends, identify opportunities, and mitigate risks using predictive insights and advanced machine learning.

Plans For Every Business

Our BI Solutions are built to support the needs of any team, from startup to large enterprise.

ARK Connect

For startups & small business

We connect your data to our BI Soultion
$ 339
/ Monthly
  • Save 100's of hours in development
  • Connect data to our pre-built solutions
  • 2 licenses for access
  • Basic access to out repository of AI tools
  • Customise and create new reports
  • Add your own logo

ARK Build

For medium-sized companies

We build you a custom BI Solution for your needs
$ 549
/ Monthly
  • Save 100's of hours in development
  • 5 Licenses for access
  • Customised Visuals for your needs
  • Predictive analytics included
  • Unrestricted access to AI tools
  • Complete branding for your company
  • Customise and create new reports
  • Basic access to ProspectPro

ARK Enterprise

For large companies

  • Companies that deal with a large amounts of costumer/product/other databases.

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