Empowering Executives with a 360 View of Business Performance

Your one-click gateway to comprehensive business-wide insights

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Your One-Click Gateway to
Comprehensive Business Insights

Ark Analytics’ Executive solution is engineered for the ambitious business executive, owner, director, or C-suite member who is looking for a holistic, one-click overview of their business landscape.

By consolidating key metrics across business functions, this solution unveils a panoramic view encompassing Marketing, Sales and Customer Success

Company Metrics

Get a simple overview of all important, strategic metrics that enable data-drive discussions at the leadership level.

Customer Overview

Understand your customers lifetime value, their sentiments and manage issues to increase satisfaction and reduce churn.

AI-driven usage analysis

See the usage trends for your products or services to better understand user behavior and prevent churn.

Marketing performance

Analyse your lead generation and acquisition strategies in a single view to focus your efforts on the channels that work.

Sales Overview

Get AI-driven smart insights into your sales pipeline and performance. Evaluate team member performance and key influences for recent wins to increase sales effectiveness.

Finance Overview

See your companies finances to understand your important metrics that drive the business and make better data driven decisions.

Why choose Ark Analytics’ Executive Solution?

Key Business Metrics: Gauge the pulse of your business operations.

Customer-on-a-page: Understand your customer interactions and satisfaction.

CSM Overview: Evaluate the effectiveness of your Customer Success Management function.

Marketing Acquisition: Measure the impact and ROI of your marketing endeavours.

Finance Overview: Get a clear picture of your financial health.

Sales Pipeline & Wins: Analyse sales performance and pinpoint growth opportunities.