Your complete view of marketing growth and acquisition

Your complete view of marketing growth and acquisition

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Unify Your Acquisitions & CRM data,

Marketing 360+ view

Imagine using only one login to see all of your marketing and sales analytics, perfectly curated just for you?

Ark Analytcis’ Marketing solution is meticulously crafted for the discerning CMO or Head of Marketing, encapsulating a 360-degree view of acquisition channels plus CRM lead flow. See everything from your marketing automation to CRM to advertising and social channels – all in the one place.

Become an analytical powerhouse and data-driven growth marketer with ease

Leads Overview

Answer all your usual questions like how many leads, where from, which company, which region and how much they attribute to the business from one central place.

Lead Generation Analysis

See where your leads are coming from and take a deep dive into leads generation to understand what channels are performing well and which ones can be improved.

Lead Breakdown

Follow the journey of your leads from generation through to win. See where it all started and the events that led to revenue attribution.

Advertising Performance

Get daily insights into advertising performance such as LinkedIn, to make data-driven decisions from one place. Everything from followers, engagement to post performance.

Campaign Overview

See the performance of all your campaigns including Google to manage performance, increase ROI and make them more effective and efficient.

Google Analytics

Get a complete overview of all your Google Analytics metrics from views, devices to location without having to log into GA.

Win/Loss Analysis

Enhance the speed and efficiency of your decision-making process by incorporating predictive analysis and advanced reporting features into your marketing and sales BI.

Accounts Summary

Get a complete view of customer accounts to understand ideal customer profiles to focus your efforts on channels that convert to wins.

Why choose Ark Analytics’ Marketing Solution?

Holistic Acquisition Overview: Delve into multi-channel acquisition analytics, understanding the performance and ROI across all marketing channels.

CRM Lead Flow Analysis: Trace the journey of leads from acquisition to conversion, spotlighting key touchpoints and interactions.

Integrated Dashboard: A unified interface presenting a coherent view of both acquisition metrics and CRM lead flow, enabling seamless transition between diverse datasets.

Customisable Views: Tailor your analytics dashboard to focus on metrics pivotal to your marketing strategies, ensuring a precise understanding of performance.

Lead Intelligence: Track lead behaviours and engagement levels to prioritise follow-ups.

Opportunity Analytics: Analyse win/loss ratios to fine-tune your strategies in collaboration with the Sales team.

One-Click Reporting: Generate real-time, insightful reports with a single click.