We exist to empower businesses to grow.

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We Make Analytics Simple & Affordable.

At Ark Analytics, we like to keep things simple! We do the complex tasks of connecting all your digital assets into one data hub and building an AI-driven analytical solution that fits your requirements while providing unbeatable value for your money.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most customer-centric business intelligence solutions provider, helping companies to harness the power of BI to enable sustainable, data-driven and thriving economies.

Our Mission

To help companies connect the value of their data by making business intelligence (BI) solutions accessible, understandable and affordable - helping to bring the power of BI to all businesses.

Our Process

Ark Analytics is a business intelligence service that enables companies to unlock the power of their data. Our process is simple: clean, connect, inform.

Every company in the world is sitting on a sea of data that can unleash improved decision making, greater business efficiency and we’re here to help make that happen as either your outsourced data team or as a partner to your in-house analysts.

Our Team

Our team is unique. We are a combination of analysts, designers and marketers - who understand the need for businesses to innovate through data. We’ve experienced how companies struggle to understand their marketing, sales and operations data in an easy-to-understand, visually appealing and structured, yet shareable way. Our job is to partner with our clients, helping them to achieve innovation through data, whilst keeping things simple.