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Unleash the true potential of your Customer Success Manager role by harnessing the unparalleled capabilities of our AI-Powered CSM Analytics solution.

With its exclusive focus on addressing the needs of visionary CSM’s, this cutting-edge tool offers a comprehensive range of insights that go far beyond mere data.

Embrace the power of transforming information into actionable strategies that drive your success in the ever-evolving landscape of customer success management.

Overview Analysis

Get a complete overview of all your clients and important metrics.

Support Analysis

Understand the tickets/support requests being raised by the customers and how well they were resolved.

AI Usage Analysis

See the usage trend for your product or service to better understand user behavior and prevent churn

AI Sentiment Analysis

Get a clear understanding of all your customers sentiments and see how they feel about your product/service.

AI Churn Analysis

Get AI Driven insights into churn probability for each customer. Take a peek into early signs of churn and contact the right person to prevent it.

Tasks Management

Priorities your meetings with the right customers and manage you daily,weekly and monthly tasks.

Why choose Ark Analytics CSM Solution?

Holistic Overview: Get a complete overview of all your customers and their actions.

AI-Driven Churn Predictions: Stay ahead with AI driven churn predictions that can help you see early signs of churn and prevent it from happening.

Sentiment Analysis: Gauge customer sentiment, align your actions.

Task Management: Prioritize, organize and track your tasks seamlessly.

Support Interaction Analysis: Evaluate support effectiveness, drive improvement.

Survey Analytics: Harness the voice of your customers for better decision-making.