Centralize Your Acquisition Channels, Visualize Your Marketing Mastery

Amplify Your Acquisition Efforts

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Centralize Your Acquisition Channels,

Visualize Your Marketing Mastery

step into a new era of marketing intelligence with our Marketing/Acquisition Solution, engineered to consolidate all your acquisition channels into a single, intuitive dashboard.

With the capability to connect over 200 marketing/acquisition channels, including an integrated view of Google Analytics (GA) insights, LinkedIn Ads performance, and more, exploring your marketing efforts has never been more effortless.


Get AI driven insights into your customers; made for visionary customer success managers!

Key Features:

  • Over 200 Connectors : Connect all your marketing channels in one place!

  • GA Overview: A holistic snapshot of your web traffic and online interactions.

  • Geo-Insights: Discover user locations to tailor your marketing strategies.

  • Ads Performance: Evaluate the ROI of your GA and LinkedIn ad campaigns.

  • User Behavior Analysis: Delve into user engagement and behavior trends.

  • LinkedIn Insights: Analyze your LinkedIn ad performance, follower growth, and post engagement.

Understand user location

GA Location Analysis

Understand where the traffic is coming from!

Complete ads overview

GA ADS Overview

See the performance of all your campaigns to make them more efficient!

Understand user behaviour

GA User Analysis

Get a clear understanding of your users behaviour on your website!

Get a Holistic View

GA Overview Analysis

Get a complete overview of all your Google analytics metrics!

See LinkedIn ads performance

LI ADS Analysis

Get daily insights into Linkedin Ads performance; make data driven decisions!

Understand LinkedIn followers

LI Followers Analysis

Get insights into all your followers; Make better user profiles!

See Linkedin Posts Performance

LI Posts Analysis 

See how each LinkedIn post is performing in real time!

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