The Olympic Dam Mine, located in South Australia, is one of the largest mines in the world, owned by BHP, a global resources company. The mine produces copper, uranium, gold, and silver, making it a significant contributor to the global resource industry. In this blog post, we will explore the mine’s history, location, and its role in the mining industry.

History of Olympic Dam Mine

The Olympic Dam Mine was discovered in 1975, and it officially began production in 1988. Over the years, it has become one of the world’s largest mines, known for its extensive reserves of copper, uranium, gold, and silver. The mine is located approximately 560 kilometers north of Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, near the town of Roxby Downs.

Location and Operations

The Olympic Dam Mine is situated on a massive underground deposit, making it one of the largest mines in the world. The mine site covers an area of approximately 450 square kilometers, with the mining area located about 350 meters underground. The mine uses both open-pit and underground mining techniques to extract the copper, uranium, gold, and silver from the deposit.

The mine employs over 3,000 people, making it one of the largest employers in South Australia. It also has a significant impact on the local economy, with the mine supporting many businesses in the surrounding area.

Using ProspectPro to Learn More About Olympic Dam Mine

For those interested in learning more about the Olympic Dam Mine, ProspectPro Mining can be an invaluable tool. This software provides information on the mine’s location, proximity to nearby towns and cities, number of employees, and even emissions data. Additionally, users can access financial and stock information about BHP, the mine’s owner, to gain a better understanding of its operations.


The Olympic Dam Mine is an essential part of the global mining industry, producing copper, uranium, gold, and silver for markets around the world. As one of the largest mines in the world, it has a significant impact on the local economy and employs thousands of people. Using ProspectPro Mining, you can learn more about this mine and gain valuable insights into its operations, location, and impact on the surrounding area.

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Note: ProspectPro is a mining database and is not affiliated with BHP.

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