Newcrest Mining Limited, a leading Australian gold producer, operates Cadia Mine located in New South Wales, Australia. This mine is known as one of the largest gold and copper mines globally, producing high-grade minerals since 1998. In this blog post, we will explore Cadia Mine’s operations, production, and how ProspectPro Mining can provide more information about the mine.

Cadia Mine is an underground mine consisting of two large open-pit mines, namely Cadia East and Cadia Hill. It also includes a processing plant and associated infrastructure, located approximately 25 kilometers from the city of Orange. The mine produces gold and copper concentrates through an extensive underground mining operation, processing up to 33 million tonnes of ore per year.

Cadia Mine’s production has been impressive since its inception in 1998, with an average annual production of over 750,000 ounces of gold and over 75,000 tonnes of copper. Cadia East, in particular, is one of the world’s largest gold mines, with proven and probable reserves of 26 million ounces of gold and 7.5 million tonnes of copper.

Using ProspectPro Mining to Find More Information:
ProspectPro Mining, developed by Ark Analytics, is a powerful tool for mining companies to access and analyze geological, environmental, and social data. Our clients can use ProspectPro to gather more information on Cadia Mine, including location, proximity, number of employees, emissions, population nearby, stock information, financials, and other critical data.

Cadia Mine is a world-class gold and copper mine that has been operating successfully for over two decades. With the help of ProspectPro Mining, our clients can access important data and insights on Cadia Mine’s operations, which can be useful in making informed decisions.

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