Kogan Creek Mine, located in Queensland, Australia, is a major coal mining project operated by Golding. This open-cut coal mine has been operational since 2006, providing a reliable source of energy to the region. In this blog post, we will discuss the key features of the Kogan Creek Mine, its importance to the Australian energy sector, and how you can leverage ProspectPro’s mining data to gain valuable insights about this mine and others like it. We will also acknowledge and credit the source of our information, which can be found here.

About Kogan Creek Mine

The Kogan Creek Mine is an open-cut coal mine situated in the Surat Basin, approximately 180 kilometers southwest of Dalby in Queensland. It produces high-quality black coal, which is supplied to the nearby Kogan Creek Power Station. The mine has an estimated coal resource of over 1.1 billion tonnes and is operated by Golding, a leading Australian mining and civil infrastructure company.

Significance of Kogan Creek Mine

Kogan Creek Mine plays a significant role in Australia’s energy sector. Its coal output contributes to the generation of electricity for the eastern Australian grid, ensuring a stable power supply for millions of residents and businesses. Additionally, the mine provides numerous employment opportunities and supports the local economy.

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Kogan Creek Mine is an essential part of Australia’s energy landscape, providing high-quality coal for electricity generation and supporting the local economy. With the help of ProspectPro, you can access detailed information about this mine and many others, enabling you to make well-informed decisions and capitalize on new opportunities.

Source: Golding – Kogan Creek Mine

Note: ProspectPro is a mining database and is not affiliated with Golding.

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